Oscar the Wiener Dog

I created this tumblr so that I could share ridiculously adorable pictures of my dachshund with the world.

Oscar was originally a "breakup pup", so he knows exactly how to cheer you up even when you have the slightest frown. He enjoys licking tears.. (it's odd).

When I bought him, I had every intention to have him live with me forever. However, when my father's cancer returned in 2010, I made the heart-breaking decision to send him off to the Philippines to live with my parents. He needed to be that ray of sunshine on the cloudiest of days.

Sadly, my father passed in December of 2011, but Oscar provided the unconditional love my dad and mom needed during that time.

He's still in the Philippines but we will SOON reunite! My mom will bring my boy back on January 28th, 2013 when she returns to United States.
UPDATE: 1/30/13
My Oscar is BACK! He's happy, healthy, and still ridiculously adorable. He could barely control himself when he saw me at the airport. He did this overly excited yelp-squeek that warmed every inch of my being. He was wiggling so hard that I was afraid he would hurt his back! haha!

Alas, his "doxie job" is not quite over. Now that my mom is back, she needs some one to keep her company and help her continue to heal.

He's my little angel and my heart aches when I'm not with him, but I know my mom needs him more than I do. Thankfully, he's only a car ride away so I will be visiting them often.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your love, support, and kind words. Oscar truly is something else and I am so fortunate to have him. Thanks for allowing him to be a part of your life, even if it's just for a second. I look forward to watching him gracefully age through the years and I cannot wait until the day I can finally have this silly doxie with me every second of the day.

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